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Futurian Responsibilities

Futurians recognise that as a society we have a number of responsibilities:

Humanitarian responsibility

Global society is a grossly unfair. Technology promises to solve many of those problems though; it is entirely possible to envisage a world where we all (as in every living human) want for nothing and could devote all our time to the pursuit of art, science, and fun. That utopia will only be possible through massive technological advancement and widespread education.

Environmental responsibility

It is clear that we have had a profound impact on our world, with global warming being the most notable example. We must undo any harm to, and learn to live in harmony with, the environment which both gave us our life and sustains life.

Again, the surest path to achieving those goals is through the scientific research and the application of technology. Recycling your drinks cans will not save the planet. Helping to drive forwards fusion research probably will.

Universal responsibility

It is entirely possible that we are the only intelligent life in the universe, and if so we have an enormous responsibility to preserve intelligence. Further, that we exist at all does suggest that the universe is capable of spontaneously creating life, but the fact that there is no evidence of intelligence elsewhere (I'm not a fan of the anthropomorphic cosmological principle as an explanation alone) could suggest that some event tends to kill off intelligent life.

This is yet another reason why scientific research and comprehension of our universe is so important; we must preserve intelligence in whatever form, which in the short-term may simply mean by caring for our environment but in the longer-term may require some enormous technological feats.

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