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There are deliberately cultural and religious aspects to the Futurian symbol and in the broader context of calling it a "religion" since we believe that it is important to embrace the comfort that can be found from a somewhat religious approach. We are, after all, only human, and there is much comfort to be found in a form of religious belief which we see no reason to be denied. However, Futurians believe that such comfort should come from a position of enlightenment and rationality.


In some senses Futurism asks its followers to believe in two things: 1) science/reason and 2) the universe, including our living planet (hence the logo's pagan Goddess Triple Moon element).

To reduce that further, we do embrace solipsists with open arms (as long as they are willing to question their beliefs as we do) and indeed many of us have solipsistic bents, but we ask that the solipsists embrace the notion that their continued existince has merit while there are unanswered questions. In short, in the absence of a conclusive argument wither way (for or against solipsism) a rational course of action seems to be to learn more about this strange world we inhabit, regardless of whether you actually believe in it or not!

Not-quite atheism

We are also not closed to the idea of deities, it merely seems unlikely based on the evidence at hand. Our goal is to understand our universe, though arguably that would exclude many hard-line traditional religious folk whose religions insist they their deity is "unknowable". We believe everything and anything can be understood and explained, given sufficient time and intellectual resource. There may well be God-like beings in the universe who might even have created us, but Futurians believe that we can, in time, come to understand any such entity - and become like them.

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