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Futurism is the belief that scientific research and technological advancement are Western (developed) society's two most important endeavors. Futurians promote that view, embrace change and have faith in our future.

Futurians believe that anything and everything can be understood, given sufficient time and intellectual resource, and that comprehending the universe in which we find ourselves is of equal importance to driving the progress of technology.

The old religions are fading in our society, yet many people want to believe in something. Futurism is a religion for modern times, looking to the future not the past, and hopes to be a faith that is good for all of us.

Why do we have religions?

Humans have the incredible fortune to possess intelligence and self-awareness of a sufficient level to patrially comprehend and manipulate the environment in which we find ourselves.

However, this wondrous ability to contemplate brings with it a number of challenging questions; How have we been created? Do we have a 'purpose'? What will happen when we die? (to name but a few!)

For many of us a lack of answers to the first two questions are vexing, even distressing, and in the case of the the latter the prospect of a simple end to awareness upon death is intolerable to most. In my view, those issues were the principal drivers behind the formation of traditional religions, which offered the answers and promised eternal life but with basis for neither. I believe that there is a more rational path to follow.

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